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There's something timeless and romantic about a fountain. Maybe it's the image of Anita Ekberg frolicking in the Trevi fountain in Rome in the Fellini classic movie "La Dolce Vita." Maybe it's the connection between fountains and luxurious palaces like Versailles.

Whatever it is, fountains are perennially popular decorative pieces, inside and out.
Outdoor fountains add a sculptural element to a yard or garden, and the motion of the water - a necessary element according to feng shui. The soothing sound also masks street noise, a definite plus if you live in a busy area.
An indoor fountain offers the calming white-noise effect while can be a piece of art.
Our new water fountains are made of stainless steel, the favorite material of designer.
They took their names from the ancient Greek Gods of water and sea, the Muses and the Charites that were the Goddesses of charm,  beauty, nature, human creativity and fecundity.
A few words on how you choose your fountain based on the area you want to place it.
All our fountains are internal recycling of water and very easy to install. Most models can be placed indoors or outdoors and it depends on the space you have. In addition to table or wall fountains where the name reveals the purpose, all the rest are divided into the following categories based on the availability of base / tank with stainless steel.

1) Indoor Fountains:
The fountains are to have their own aesthetic base/reservoir and thus can be placed indoors without any intervention in the area. This does not mean that they could not get placed anywhere else in your garden or your balcony.

2) Outdoor Fountains:
Not available with stainless steel but only with plastic base / tank that is buried in the ground, covered with pebbles and thus only the fountain is visible. The plastic has a base diameter of 60cm and can be used by all fountains up to 60-70 cm tall. For larger fountains you should build your own base with the material of your choice. General minimum requirements for your customized base/tank is the depth of the reservoir to be at least 20-25 cm (the water should cover the submersible pump) and the diameter should be at least equal to the height of the fountain (otherwise the water will fall outside the base and emptied the tank at the risk of burning the pump). Although called "outdoor" can be placed anywhere there is space to build a tank. (Usually in hotel lobbies, restaurants, banks, businesses and other public places)

3) Outdoor and/or Indoor Fountains:
This category includes most models. These fountains have their own tank of stainless steel which is sold separately. So you have the choice to select one of the following
1. stainless steel tank (for indoor or outdoor)
2. plastic tank for outdoor (or use a plastic base cover).
3. or you can build your tank/base for indoors or outdoors.
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