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The pleasant fragrances, makes us happy...

Mental effect
Inhaling an essential oil, it stimulates our brain sending different messages. For example, the scent of lavender increases the feelings of happiness and relaxation. The lemon essential oil stimulates the production of hormones, which leads to better memory and concentration. The aroma of grapefruit or rose stimulates the production of hormones, which have a stimulative effect.

Physical effects
The effect of essential oils is based on several biochemical constituents. The therapeutic effects are multiple, e.g. antibacterial, activity against viruses and anticonvulsant action, also are able to heat and cool. In this way, essential oils can positively affect the functioning of the digestive or circulatory system. For the hammam, the sauna, the SPA and the Jacuzzi there are special products make essential oils soluble in water too.
All essential oils are soluble in oil and easily mixed with the main oil. Because of this property, essential oils are absorbed directly through the skin and mucous membranes and transported by the bloodstream to organs and unfold their therapeutic actions.
By inhaling, the oils are transported to the lungs.

Aromatherapy in sauna…


Enter a sauna cabin, and feel immediately overwhelmed by the warmth. Make yourself comfortable, lie down and let the heat to gently wrap your body. Feel your heartbeat slow down and your mind begin to relax.
After a few minutes, pour some diluted drops of VOILE DE SAUNA product onto the burning stones and you will feel your body suddenly wrapped by hot, silky steam bearing plant molecules. Breathe slowly and deeply the sauna essential oils that can be either soothing and relaxing or invigorating and stimulating.
You’ll have no other thoughts but the feeling of purifying your soul and body.

Aromatherapy in Hot tub... 

The special feature of a spa bath is that the water is recycled and filtered, just like in a swimming pool. Great care must be taken when any product is poured into it. The product VELOURS DE SPA is designed to mix totally with water without interacting with the disinfection system. It adds an extra dimension to the bath thanks to the curative powers of the essential oils it contains.
A SPA is a modern version of a public bath, a place where people come to socialize, relax and meet each other. It is also a place where you can simply talk, communicate and enjoy a vigorous water massage. Let your mind wander in the deafening roar of the bubbles, or achieve a virtual state of sleep despite the surrounding turbulence. At the end of a busy day, there’s nothing like a bubble bath to relieve the tension.
The pleasure of sharing a water massage bath can be seen on people’s faces. This sharing makes all the social barriers extinguish, and the turbulence of the water helps people to communicate with each other.
VELOURS DE SPA enhances these valuable moments, adding a subtle perfume and all the benefits of the essential oils.

Aromatherapy in water massage bath, Jacuzzi...


Taking a water massage bath means enjoying a relaxing moment; water, warmth, moist steam, air bubbles massaging and caressing your body – these factors combine to offer you the utmost pleasure. In every century and every culture, it has always been a supreme luxury to bathe in natural plant extracts.
In the past, though, only kings and queens could enjoy this kind of pleasures. Fortunately, things have changed, and anyone can now take a break from the frightening pace of daily life and enjoy the relaxing, invigorating benefits of a massage bath enhanced with plant essences.
Just give in to all these delightful sensations, and let the essential oil take you off on a journey through the plants of the world.

Aromatherapy in Hammam...


The steam bath has been considered as ritual full of mysteries over time. What is it that attracts men and women to the special atmosphere of these places?
The hot, dense, penetrating steam seems to go right through us. It changes our view of the world around us. It alters the feeling we have about our own bodies. A steam bath has the surprising ability to make us think we have achieved total purity. The steam eliminates toxins and impurities from body and soul.
Indeed, the great virtue of the steam bath is that it also works on a man’s soul, giving the impression that, once you have got rid of your negative ideas and thoughts, they’ll never be able to find a way back to you through the mist that surrounds and protects you.
When the essential oils contained in Brume de Hammam enhance the steam, and the steam bath generator finely distils the bewitching perfume of plant essences, you will experience a unique feeling of well-being and cleanliness.
After a steam bath you will experience a pleasant feeling of tiredness; the steam has cleaned your skin deep down, your whole body has been cleansed and even your soul feels purer.
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