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General Information

What is a Sauna?
That foreign, but probably good-sounding word Sauna comes from the Finnish language. It describes a bath form that is common for centuries in Finland. Everywhere on the shores of the countless seas, the rivers at the edge of the Baltic Sea bays stand the small bath houses, about which one repeats to be amazing. When this bath has also found its way in Germany and in other countries, the name Sauna was adopted. With the word sauna we mean a special bath in as wooden Sauna cabin.
What aims one at with Sauna baths?
Why finding the need to use a sauna in a period marked by technical progress and stress, in which life requirements rise world-wide, such a simple measure as the Sauna bath such a strong resonance? The answer lies in the true needs of our time people, sauna covers a natural need. It offers real physical mental relaxation of all people, change of the mood, cleaning and internal decontamination of the body. It means a reconciliation of unfavourable ways of life with a noticeable improvement of physical functions by means of regular use, particularly regarding heart and blood circulation. Further effect is common leisure fun with family or friends.
Traditional Sauna baths
Every sauna bath begins with a shower. Enter a sauna freshly showered, dried and with a towel to seat on. A sauna session usually takes 8-15 minutes. One should feel however what is pleasant. As concerns the arrangement of the bench, the higher they are the warmer. Try what personally pleases and does you well more. In principle it before ending a sauna session one should lie for some minutes on the lowest bench.
After sitting into a sauna follows the cooling period! It would be ideal if afterwards you could get some fresh air and after that to take a cold shower. A sauna is an alternating hot and cold bath. The refreshing cooling period is because of training effects on the body, which are not less important than the relaxing and calming effect. Subsequently, the resting stage takes place. Here one should allow oneself some time and rest for at least 15 minutes.

In case of health problems, you should consult a doctor before using a sauna. Anyway, you should not use a sauna immediately after practicing sport; wait till your body “calms down” again. Furthermore you should not use a sauna immediately after eating or with an empty stomach.

Best Quality Wood

Wood is since earlier the used material for Sauna cabins. The quality of the cabins finds its origin in the selection of the used woods. The Northern climates, in which woods grow, are thereby of crucial importance for its quality. Log planks like profiled wood of our cabins exclusively are made of Northern spruce. All trees grow due to the low temperatures in this climatic breadth very slowly and develop features that are particularly suitable as natural building material. Also we use Canadian Red Cedar, Baltic soft wood and Hemlock to make our luxurious and high quality saunas. The used raw wood quality is additionally continuously supervised. Only perfect wood is converted in further manufacturing items and are processed on modern machines to properly matching log planks or prefabricated elements.
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